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Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy Works

Group therapy offers a unique format that can improve mental health for a variety of reasons.  First, in a group setting, chronic problems arise naturally and can be addressed in vivo. For example, those with social anxiety can find group therapy helpful as clinicians guide interactions, processing of anxious thoughts, and support members in practicing appropriate social behaviors within an accepting and safe group of like-minded peers. This helps to build competence and confidence that translates into everyday social situations.

Additionally, a group provides opportunities to receive support from peers who are experiencing similar challenges.  Emotional difficulties can be isolating, which means connecting with others who share your struggles, can in itself be very therapeutic.  Making connections to peers with the support of a skilled therapist  offers a chance to learn and practice new coping skills and discover personal strengths and confidence.

The group format can be particularly helpful for children.  Young people often learn through peer modeling.  We bring together students with similar issues from different schools, allowing your child to learn and express themselves in a non-threatening environment.

Children and teen groups are separated by age, grade, and at times by gender.


Expressive Therapy Center offers a variety of  groups to meet the needs of our clients. Our groups provide support in dealing with issues relating to:

  • Attention Deficits (AD/HD)

  • Impulsivity

  • Social Skills

  • Anxiety

  • Depression and Mood Disorders

  • Anger Management

  • Behavior Problems

  • Difficulty in School

  • Communication Skills

  • Active Listening

  • Developmental Delays

  • Identifying Feelings

  • Appropriate Boundaries

  • Self Control

Group Offerings:

Pre-Kindergarten Social Skills

Elementary School Social Skills

Elementary School ADHD Support

Elementary School ASD Social Skills
Elementary School Anxiety Support 

Middle School Girls Empowerment

Middle School Social Skills

Middle School ADHD Support

Middle School Anxiety Support

High School Anxiety Support

High School ADHD Support 

High School Depression Support

High School Social Skills

College Support

Young Adult Support

Adult ASD Social Skills 

Adult Divorce Support

Adult Depression and Anxiety Support

Adult Support & Life Transition Group

Parenting Support

ETC staff are open to coordinating with families to form new groups upon request and by specific needs
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