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Therapy Session
Therapy Session

Therapy Services
Virtual and In-Person Therapy

Therapy allows for concerns and life events to be addressed in a safe and caring environment. Sometimes an outside perspective can help you cope with emotional or physical difficulties. 

Our therapists provide an understanding and supportive experience to help you explore difficult topics, find resolutions to old hurts, or help you remove obstacles keeping you from achieving your full potential. Therapy can help people cope with life challenges and make peace with old wounds. 

Expressive Therapy Center (ETC) is offering virtual therapy in addition to our in-office sessions. Virtual therapy can be beneficial for most ages and for those who want support managing work-life balance, depression, educational difficulties, anxiety, parenting and many other life challenges. ETC began virtual therapy sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to community need for services and a dedication to keeping our community safe. We will continue to offer virtual therapy sessions for the foreseeable future as an option for clients.

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