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Support Group
Support Group

Adult Groups

Adult therapy groups at ETC offer an interactive setting to explore and resolve a variety of concerns.  Adults interested in group therapy meet with a clinician individually for assessment to allow the most appropriate placement in a group.  ETC offers groups addressing relationship problems, anxiety, depression, anger management, parenting challenges, and other clinical issues.

  • Young Adult Support Group

  • Adult Support Group

  • College Support Group

  • Adult Social Skills Group

  • Depression and Anxiety Process Group 

  • Parenting Support Groups:

    • Offered for  parents of children ages 5 to 18, these groups help parents navigate common parenting difficulties by providing information, support and a place to process challenges. Therapists share effective strategies for modifying problematic behaviors, help parents engage in self-care and connection to other adults, provide information about child growth and development, and facilitate conversation between parents.

  • Divorce Support Groups:

    • Divorce is one of life’s most formidable causes of stress. Parents in the midst of a divorce can find life very challenging, not only because of the changes in parenting, but the intense personal emotional stress. Many times children demonstrate an increased need for support and reassurance during this time. This group provides support and strategies for parents in any stage of divorce.

  • Gentle Beginnings:

    • This group provides an opportunity to come share the experience of motherhood with other new moms and their babies in their first year of life. This group will provide support as you navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood and provide a forum for discovery about parenting basics such as:

      • Identifying and planning for common challenges in transitioning to parenthood.

      • Strategies for strengthening marital relationships.

      • Education about child developmental stages, feeding and nutrition, and sleep routines.

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