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Breast Cancer Awareness Race
Image by Angiola Harry

Breast Cancer Buddies

Developing Bonds, Providing Hope

The Breast Cancer Buddies Program provides compassionate support, timely information, and relevant connections to resources for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer at no cost. The program also offers volunteer opportunities for those who have already completed treatment and wear the badge of an experienced breast cancer survivor.

BCB is Free for All Participants

We Support Each Other!

Mentor: someone who has been through it all to provide support and guidance as needed.


Buddy: another person who is going through what you are going through so you can talk, share, ask, and support each other through this journey

Building A Community

Our program is designed to offer support, but also to build a community of hope. You will be in the presence of others who are going through or have been through what you are experiencing. Meetings are held in a clean, sterilized environment for your safety, comfort, and mutual support.

"When I was diagnosed, I was overwhelmed with information and emotion. I could have used a friend who understood exactly what I was going through"


- Volunteer Breast Cancer Survivor

To inquire about the Breast Cancer Buddies Program: 

Call 301-869-1017 ext. 50 or


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