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Summer Programs


To support our community needs Expressive Therapy Center is offering virtual and in-office camps and programs throughout the summer! These camps and programs are designed to support all ages in staying engaged during the summer while building vital life and social skills.

Elementary Aged Programs

• Creative Minds: Guided Painting Class (3rd-5th) more info
• When We Worry Too Much: Skills for Anxious Children (3rd-5th) more info
• Puppet Theater Camp (3rd-5th) more info
• Story & Comic Book (3rd- 6th) more info

Middle & High School Programs

• Social Skills Orchestra (5th-8th) more info
• Improving Study Skills (Middle & High School Sessions Available) more info
• Narrative Filmmaking from Your Phone (6th-10th) more info
• My Yellow Brick Road: High School Readiness Camp (Entering 9th) more info
• Mindfulness and Meditation Camp (Ages 13-17) more info
• Dear LO...: A Girls Process Group (9th – 12th) more info
• Writing that Liberates: Creating an Affirming Writing Practice (Ages 15 Through Young Adulthood)  more info

Adult & Family Programs

• Cooking as A Family Ritual of Connection (Full Families Able to Participate) more info
• Building Self-Confidence for Dating on Purpose (Ages 20+) more info
• Paint Night (Ages 21+) more info
• Be Your Own Boss & Building Your Brand (Ages21+) more info
• Emotion Coaching for Positive Parenting  (Parents Only) more info
• Cooking for Self-Care (Ages 21+) more info

All school aged programs are open to those entering the specified grade during the upcoming Fall 2020 school year.  For additional information, please call 301-869-1017 ext. 1 or email for details.


Camp/Program Dates and Fee Schedule

Registration for ages 17 and under

Registration for ages 18+