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Adult Education

Expressive Therapy's skilled mental health experts are available to speak at public and community events, including conferences, school educational meetings, staff trainings,  community awareness events and support groups. ETC’s clinical staff are able to offer educational programs on a variety of mental health and behavioral topics. We can provide a workshop specific to your needs!  Popular programs include:

  • The 4 C’s of Parenting: Caring, Communication, Consequence, and Compliance
  • Bully Busting: Stop the Cycle of Intimidation
  • Effective Parenting for the ADHD Child: How to Manage the Unmanageable
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Childhood Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse: When Experimentation Turns into Trouble
  • Adolescent Bullying: It’s Not Just Kids Being Kids
  • Is This "Normal" Behavior?: When to Seek Professional Help

For more details or to schedule a workshop, please call 301-869-1017.