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Dear Stephanie,
I wanted to write and express my appreciation to you and your staff at the Expressive Therapy Center.  I have had the occasion to refer several clients to your center over the years and have been extremely satisfied with the services you have provided.  I believe this starts with your prompt return of my initial phone call inquiry and continues with the caring ways you reach out to the prospective client.  You offer both flexibility in scheduling and a willingness to work with clients’ insurance and within their ability to pay.

In addition, I have referred to your center because of the array of clinical services you offer.  For example, I am unaware of another mental health service that offers such a wide variety of support groups.  And, of course, your ability to work in multi-model fashion with children and adolescents greatly enhances the clinical services you provide.

Thanks again for the great work that you do. I look forward to speaking with you soon.