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Deborah Berger, PTA President, Luxmanor Elementary School

           Dear Ms. Natter,

          Thank you so much for sending Josh to speak at Luxmanor Elementary School last night.  Josh was engaging and spoke about "Making a Happy Child."   He gave a detailed list of suggestions and I noticed many parents were writing down every word.  He was engaging with our parents, and received great feedback from them at the end.  I appreciate the informative speaker which you sent to speak at our PTA meeting.


Lisa A., parent

          Dr. Joseph,

          We just wanted to express our thanks for working with our son these past 2 months. From the moment we met, we knew you would be a good match for him. Your enthusiasm, genuine interest in his needs and ours, and your comprehensiveness in meetings and testing, were all impressive to us. We appreciate your approach to meeting with him, making him feel comfortable, and the easy rapport with which you and him interacted. With regards to the testing report, you were sensitive, yet honest and realistic in your findings. The time you spent in observation, testing and follow-up meetings clearly showed your dedication to him and your desire to help him. 


Patty S., parent

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you for all your help with Steven.  Your staff is very welcoming and my kids have enjoyed coming to group here.  We will take everything we learned here and use it for many years to come.  I promise to let others know you are here.


Elena B., parent

My daughter really enjoyed going. She talked about what she learned and internalized strategies. Her fears lessoned considerably. She is better able to control her temper. She converses with me about her feelings. I also really liked (clinicians) letters home- very helpful.

Nanci T., parent

Kate really progressed in her ability to play together with friends.

Jonathan J., parent

Wonderful help and support. Tangible ways to help in our situation. You have provided us with a wonderful counselor for Thomas (and myself). (Clinician) has and continues to be someone that has greatly helped us during this difficult time. Thank you!

Elise Bhagwat, Director of Child and Adolescent Services

Expressive Therapy Center is a great resource for children and the families in our community. They offer creative ways to reach children with mental health needs through support groups, grief groups and a variety of expressive therapy modalities. We have heard very positive feedback from those families we refer and have had great experiences working as a team when the need arises for children to utilize both of our agencies services.

Rebecca M.

I had a great experience at Expressive Therapy Center.  I am a recent divorcee, and I was looking for some help for me and my kids.  Luckily, I found help for all of us in one place!

Steve P., Parent

(Clinician) helped Megan learn better ways to communicate with friends (sharing, taking turns, etc.) plus ways to manage her anger.

Rebecca H.

The idea of therapy was uncomfortable for my husband,  but (Clinician) made it work for him.  It was a safe place to be heard. We were very happy with (Clinician) and Expressive Therapy Center!

Shannon H.

(Clinician) was completely sincere, helpful with new ideas, and honest coping skills.

Stacy B., Parent

We were happy with the sessions at ETC.  Laura became noticeably more confident in her interactions with her peers.

Frances T., Parent

Expressive Therapy Center was a setting for my son to practice cooperation, anger/frustration management, patience, and sharing.  His group served him well and it ran its course. He has techniques that he can use to help him with his issues.

Roberta K., Parent

Expressive Therapy Center  has been a wonderful experience for our son, Paul. The center provides a warm and caring atmosphere that children of all ages can feel welcome and encouraged. It is  a professional and respectful office that as a family, we are proud to be a part of. Paul loved his  therapist. She has become like family. Paul adores her and her enthusiasm. She exudes excellence in her field and helps Paul reach his goals in a fun, yet rewarding way, that will help make his future brighter and more successful. We are so grateful for Expressive Therapy Center!

Karen S., Parent

“You have made a difference in my child’s life, and I am eternally grateful.”
Stephanie and her team of therapists are hands-on, child-focused professionals who work with the children, parents, and teachers to achieve the goals set for each child. The achievement of goals is met when everyone is working together. Everyone has a role to support in that child's development. We could not have a better team of therapists to support our son.

Lisa R.

We are thrilled that we found Expressive Therapy Center. It has been a great program not only for our son but also as a support mechanism and information resource for us.

Our son is 5 1/2 years old and began a social skills group 7 weeks ago. (Clinician) has done a wonderful job of integrating our son into the group, and he looks forward to the “playgroup” every Monday. Each progress report from (Clinician) keeps me informed of what’s going on so I can reinforce things at home.

Our daughter has improved tremendously from her experience with your center. We are so happy with this program and recommend it for children who need to develop stronger social skills.

Jim Holmes, LCSW-C - Clinical Social Worker

Dear Stephanie,
I wanted to write and express my appreciation to you and your staff at the Expressive Therapy Center.  I have had the occasion to refer several clients to your center over the years and have been extremely satisfied with the services you have provided.  I believe this starts with your prompt return of my initial phone call inquiry and continues with the caring ways you reach out to the prospective client.  You offer both flexibility in scheduling and a willingness to work with clients’ insurance and within their ability to pay.

In addition, I have referred to your center because of the array of clinical services you offer.  For example, I am unaware of another mental health service that offers such a wide variety of support groups.  And, of course, your ability to work in multi-model fashion with children and adolescents greatly enhances the clinical services you provide.

Thanks again for the great work that you do. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Steve H., Parent

Our son loves coming to group each week. He is always excited to see his friends and can’t wait to see what project they are going to do next. The variety of approaches in your program is a wonderful non-competitive, non-threatening basis for building social skills. He leaves each week with a smile on his face, filled with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I really appreciates the open communication with your staff in order to reinforce things at home.